3 April, 2018

Women in Justice Initiative Conducts Outreach to Law Students

Last Updated: 3 April 2018



On March 6, 2018, Supreme Court Legal Aid Committee (SCLAC) and USAID’s Justice for All (JFA) Program organized a “Law Career Development Session” at the Supreme Court. Students, Supreme Court Legal Aid Committee panel lawyers, Committee Chairman and other members attended the event. Total 48 participated at the event. SCLAC Chairman led the program.


A film documentary on ‘Women in Justice’ was screened, and speakers discussed the state of women in the legal profession and improvements made over the last several years.


Ms. Advocate Ainunnhar Siddiqa, Member of SCLAC, informed that 50% of SCLAC panel advocates are female. She also mentioned that 48 suo motu cases on confinement of 139 accused was filed by the SCLAC female advocates. Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain, Registrar General, Supreme Court stated that there are 444 female judges, which is 25% of total number of judges. In the 11th Bangladesh Judicial Service examination, the 143 successful candidates recommended as Judges include 52 women. In the open discussion session speakers suggested the participants to participate in Moot Court, Law Clinic, and Court Visit.


Mr. Justice M. Enyatur Rahim, Chairman, Supreme Court Legal Aid Committee said that the legal profession is always very challenging both for male and female. He suggested the law students to be focused on clinical study. “Up-to-date study is necessary to becoming a promising legal professional,” he added.


This experience sharing session and discussion meeting was organized through JFA’s Women in Justice Initiative as one of several outreach initiatives offered to motivate female law students to enter careers in the justice sector and legal profession. Through dialogue sessions, discussion meetings, and a problem-solving forum, JFA is working with local stakeholders, including both women and men, to advance gender equity and empower legal professionals and law students throughout Bangladesh.