1 August, 2013

Fulbright-Clinton Fellow Supports USAID’s Justice for All Program, Bangladesh

Last Updated: 22 August 2013


Fulbright-Clinton Fellow Ms. Roushani Mansoor recently completed a 10-month fellowship working with the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs and USAID's Justice for All Program (JFA) in Bangladesh. During her fellowship, Ms. Mansoor provided invaluable support to the JFA program through research on court excellence and access to justice issues and her mentorship of national legal aid officers. Ms. Mansoor’s research led to the development of a Compilation of Court Excellence Resources, which will be used as a foundational source for JFA's activities to improve judicial services delivered to the public.


During her time in Bangladesh Ms. Mansoor was actively involved in assisting the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs in exploring alternative dispute resolution to address the backlog of more than three million cases in its courts. According to Ms. Mansoor, "The Government of Bangladesh's use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as plea bargaining, is an innovative approach to massive case backlog. This demonstrates an understanding that throwing more resources - more judges, more courts - resources that Bangladesh does not currently possess, will not solve this problem."


Ms. Mansoor also conducted research on International Criminal Tribunals for alleged war criminals and access to justice for women. On June 10, 2013, she presented her findings under the title "Access to Justice in Bangladesh" at a gathering of Fulbright Fellows, U.S. Embassy representatives, and other distinguished guests.


The JFA team wishes her much success as she returns to the U.S. to pursue an internship with the Department of State, Bureau of International Organization Affairs.