4 March, 2018

Women in Justice Initiative Conducts Group Study Session for Law Students

Last Updated: 4 March 2018


On February 6, 2018, USAID’s Justice for All (JFA) Program organized a ‘Group Study Session (Judgement Reading)’ with female law students at the District Legal Aid Office, Judge Court, Dhaka. 11 female law students from Jagannath University attended the program, which was facilitated by Mr. Rajesh Chowdhury, District Legal Aid Officer, Dhaka. The event was held through JFA’s Women in Justice Initiative to familiarize female law students with court judgments and enhance their analytical skills.


In his opening remarks, Mr. Rajesh Chowdhury informed participants about the means and methods of providing legal aid, eligibility criteria, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Participants then received a copy of a judgement in a case previously referred to the family court from the legal aid office. Mr. Rajesh Chowdhury introduced them with the plaint and written statement of the judgement and pointed out issues and charges.


Mr. Rajesh Chowdhury stated, “One needs to understand the important issues in a suit to provide an effective remedy while concentrating on the relief claimed. A conceptual clarity over a judgment will not only help you all in your academic life but also will keep you one step ahead when you will start your career.’’


The students performed a group activity after they read the full judgement. The enthusiasm and skills of the participants were praised as they were able to finish their tasks in group activities with minor corrections. Popy Akter, a participant stated, “We are very thankful to USAID’s Justice for All Program and the DLAO for giving us this wonderful opportunity. This will surely help us analyze the sections of laws we read in the books only.’’


This group study session is organized for law students as one of the several outreach initiatives offered through JFA’s Women in Justice Initiative to motivate female law students to enter careers in the justice sector and legal profession. Through dialogue sessions, discussion meetings, and a problem-solving forum, JFA is working with local stakeholders, including both women and men, to advance gender equity and empower legal professionals and law students throughout Bangladesh.