18 June, 2015

Amrao Achi: Radio Listener Group Activation

Last Updated: 18 June 2015



From 11 May to 28 May 2015 USAID's Justice for All Program organized radio listeners groups in Khulna district. Five out of 20 groups have so far been formed. The main objective of radio listener groups is to collect legal aid related questions from the community and present those questions as topics of discussion on a live radio program.


During the broadcast of the radio program, new group members will gather to call into the radio program to ask questions about legal aid on behalf of the general public who do not have mobile phones.  So far a total of 204 people have formed 5 listening groups, among them 132 were female. 25 persons were selected as members of each listener group. Each listener group is made up of women, social worker, volunteer, club member, radio owner and students.


During the formation meeting of one group a member said, “I think this kind of group will really help us get answers about free legal aid”. During the listener group formation JFA program also provided 200 free Legal Aid related leaflet & posters among the participants.As an initiative of USAID's Justice for All Program, Bangladesh Betar Khulna broadcasts two radio programs a week named ‘Amrao Achhi’. Eight more listener groups are planned to be formed before the end of June.