Supreme Court Initiates Development of Judicial Policy on Case Management

Last Updated: 17 January 2017


Date: 1 January 1970 - 1 January 1970



On January 14, 2017 USAID’s Justice for All Program (JFA) and Supreme Court of Bangladesh co-organized a workshop on the development of a Judicial Policy on Case Management in Dhaka.The workshop, chaired by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, was attended by 58 judges representing subordinate courts from different districts. The objective of the workshop was to formulate a complete and comprehensive Judicial Policy that will guide subordinate court judges in processing cases more efficiently and achieving speedy case resolution. The Judicial Policy on Case Management will provide operational guidance to the judges to manage the cases in an efficient way within the existing legal framework.

Dr. Sanaul Mostafa, JFA expert, presented a concept note developed based on comparative research prepared by JFA for the Supreme Court and provided guidelines to participants to orient their group work. Participants were divided in seven thematic groups to develop recommendations and ideas on the basis of their experience of challenges and solutions to delays.

Mr. Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, in inaugural session, stated “A modern and successful case management requires a colossal shift from the archaic system to an efficient and automated mechanism which ensures quality of justice.” He also mentioned “To make the justice system efficient, speedy, and litigant friendly, I contemplated to formulate a Judicial Policy, as significance of such policy is immense.” He expressed his thankfulness to USAID’s Justice for All Program for its continuous support and hoped that it will continue in near future.

Dr. Md. Shahjahan, Joint Secretary (Law) (Sr. District and Sessions Judge), Bangladesh Election Commission Secretariat, Dhaka commented,“This workshop was unique, as everyone actively participated.”

The workshop is one of many events scheduled under objective 2 of JFA Program in an effort to ‘Implement the International Framework for Court Excellence’ in Bangladeshi courts designed to increase judicial self-governance to better serve the people. JFA is assisting the Supreme Court in developing policies to strengthen the efficiency, performance, and accountability of subordinate courts in line with the Chief Justice’s modernization agenda.